Space Adventures are calling!

Featuring exciting micro-settings designed to jump start your imagination and campaign, writty by some of the most talented writers out there, Tiny Frontiers; Revised will provide an easy launching pad for conventions, one-offs or short campaigns!

Designed to emulate classic space opera, and providing an open framework for exciting stories, Tiny Frontiers: Revised is here! Completely compatible with the other TinyD6 games, Tiny Frontiers: Revised is a fully-stand alone game.

So grab some dice, some pencils, some friends, and get ready for some minimalist, straight-forward, space opera roleplaying!

NOTE: While the original edition of Tiny Frontiers included rules for Mechs, we've since abandoned those in favor of the rules in Mecha & Monsters, which we feel are superior and more comprehensive. We heartily and fully recommend you consider Tiny Frontiers: Mecha & Monsters.

Tiny Frontiers revised is available both online and in your local game stores!

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