Surf, Sun & Safety!

Powered by the lightweight, yet versatile TinyD6 system, BEACH PATROL allows you to take on the role of lifeguards in all their slow-motion glory! This book features new TinyD6 rules such as SLO-MO MODE, vehicle training, and Lifeguard Traits, as well as adventure generators for BEACH PATROL and it's crazy paranormal older sibling BEACH PATROL: NIGHTS.

This is a full-game, but doesn't spend lots of pages or text talking about what roleplaying games are. It assumes some familiarity with roleplaying games, and their tropes and play. The text reflects that.

If you want to expand your BEACH PATROL game even further, look into our other TinyD6 games like TINY DUNGEON: SECOND EDITION, TINY FRONTIERS: REVISED, or TINY FRONTIERS: MECHA & MONSTERS.

Beach Patrol is a micro-RPG for TinyD6 and as such is only offered through DriveThruRPG or the GKG Webstore!

Beach patrol harkens back to the 90s era of action packed TV shows that stretch the imagination to bring suspense to your living room...
... If you like the TinyD6 system or just the nostalgia this setting is attempting to capture, then six bucks is a steal to have some great fun!
- Karlen K., 5-star Review on DriveThruRPG